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Hifi Center is “special official technical service” of Bose since 1993, we are the elite technical service for this brand in Spain. Specialists in repairs for their models.



Hifi Center is an official Bose service technician and therefore we guarantee a quality and fast repair. All repairs are guaranteed in writing. Technical service of professional devices and equipment such as speakers and players.

We are specialists in Bose. We repair all models of loudspeakers, integrated sound systems and bluetooth speakers. From the oldest models to the latest innovations. We repair any breakdown in your Bose playback devices.

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Hifi Center

Bose  Hifi

Your sound system does not work as the first day? At Hifi Center we will solve this problem with the best experts in sound system repair.

Hifi Center

Bose Professional Sound

From Hifi Center, we guarantee that your equipment will work as before. Our experts will find the best solution for the equipment, maintaining its quality.

Official technical service

Bose Products

sound bars

Specialized repairs of high-end Bose soundbars.

Home cinema

We know all models of Bose home cinema and we correct any breakdown.

acoustic box

We fix any technical failure in the acoustic boxes.


We have extensive experience repairing professional Bose amplifiers.

In 1992 we had the opportunity to undertake the relationship that today unites us with Hifi Center as specialized Technical Service for our then represented brands DENON and YAMAHA, which in 1994 joined BOSE and in 1996, LOEWE television, having been the experience since then highly satisfactory, at all levels, by the professionalism of the group Hifi Center, with D. Jesus Marchena at the head, for its seriousness and the high qualification of all its technicians, who receive ongoing technical training, allowing them to be updated and prepared to solve any technological challenge however complicated it may be. With Hifi Center, excellence is permanently touched.
Cesar Pérez Méndez
General Manager of the Gaplasa Group

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At Hifi center we are looking for experts in audio hi-fi, hi-end, projector or medical equipment repairs.

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