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At Hifi Center, we take quality and service to the next level as the official Loewe service partner. Reliability and repair expertise to maintain the excellence of your Loewe devices.



At Hifi Center, we are the official technical service of Loewe, an iconic brand that represents excellence in television and audio systems. We know how crucial it is to maintain the quality and performance of your Loewe devices, that’s why we guarantee fast and high quality repairs, always backed by a written warranty.

Our team of specialists is trained and updated on the latest Loewe technologies and models. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art television or a premium audio system, we have the knowledge and tools to fix any problem you may experience.

From picture and sound problems to connectivity and software issues, we tackle a wide variety of repairs with precision and care. Trust Hifi Center to bring your Loewe products back to life and enjoy an unsurpassed audio-visual experience.


Specializing in the most current products, with the most prestigious brands, we are in our fourth decade as OFFICIAL TECHNICAL SERVICE of Loewe, always looking for excellence in our work as experts in the repair of amplifiers in Madrid, Speakers, and much more to give you a top quality service.


The need to provide a high quality after-sales service of multinationals in our country, makes Hifi Center stands out as OFFICIAL TECHNICAL SERVICE of large technology firms, because we are experts in the repair of sound equipment that find in our company the solution to the demand for a technical service warranty.


At Hifi Center, we are specialists in leading brands and offer high quality technical service for power amplifiers, AV processors, amplifiers, Blu-ray, projectors, LED 3D, mixing consoles, speakers, speakers, audio players and home theater systems. Trust us to keep your equipment in optimal conditions.

Hifi Center

Loewe TV

Trust the professionals at Hifi Center to repair your Loewe TV. We work only with 100% original parts from the manufacturer.

From Hifi Center, we guarantee that your equipment will work as before. Our experts will look for the best solution for your equipment, maintaining its quality.

Official technical service

Loewe Products

Loewe design televisions

Official repairs of Loewe’s high-end designer televisions.

Loewe televisions

We know all models of Loewe televisions and we correct any malfunction.

Portable speakers

We fix any technical failure on Loewe speakers.

Design speakers

We have extensive experience repairing Loewe designer speakers.

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At Hifi center we are looking for experts in audio hi-fi, hi-end, projector or medical equipment repairs.

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