Companies that trust Hifi Center

Alcobendas National Museum of Art and Technology Planetarium

As a supplier of RSA COSMOS, a French company dedicated to the construction of planetariums, we have been in charge of the projection works in the planetarium of the MUNCYT in Alcobendas. The projectors used were Barco projectors, a brand of which Hificenter is the only official technical service in Spain.

Barco Projectors

In Hifi Center we have dedicated thousands of hours in repairs and maintenance of Barco projectors, equipment used in large installations.

Airbus and Indra

Hifi Center works with companies such as Indra and Airbus, maintaining flight simulators where pilots, civilian and military train.

Planetarium of the Valladolid Science Museum

Our company supports the Planetarium of the Science Museum of Valladolid, which has an advanced digital projection system.

Research Center for Astrophysics of the University of Porto

Hifi Center also works with several universities such as the astrophysics research center of the University of Porto.


We work for the Swiss multinational ABB, which has more than 130,000 employees.

GTA Group

At Hifi Center we maintain and repair all the equipment of the worldwide headquarters of the multinational company Global Training Aviation.

Casa Serras

From Hifi Center we have been working for several years with Casa Serras, a distributor of high-tech equipment based in Lisbon.