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Thanks to a high quality after-sales service and being specialists in Classé repairs, Hifi Center is the highly specialized service for the Classé brand.



In Hifi Center we are specialists in Classé. We repair all types of amplifiers, power amplifiers and CD players of the brand. From the oldest models to the latest innovations. We repair any failure in your Classé professional audiovisual equipment such as cameras, Blu-ray players, room sound systems, power amplifiers and speakers.

Hifi Center


Your sound system does not work as the first day? At Hifi Center we will solve this problem with the best experts in sound system repair.



Hifi Center has a first class after-sales service for its amplifiers.

Find the solution to repair any Classé amplifier at Hifi Center.

Hifi Center is accredited as the Highly Specialized Service of the Classé brand.

Do not hesitate to contact us to solve any problem or question about your equipment.

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At Hifi center we are looking for experts in audio hi-fi, hi-end, projector or medical equipment repairs.

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